David Craig visiting professorship

Prof David P Craig

The David Craig Visiting Professorship honours a Founding Father of the School, Professor David P Craig, MSc, PhD, FRIC, FRACI, FAA, FRS, by inviting a high-profile internationally recognised chemist whose research activities are of interest to the School, and to provide a mentoring and teaching platform to various research groups.

The Craig Professor will be a researcher who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and who may not previously have had the opportunity to spend time in the School.


Former Craig Professors

Year Professor Home institution Subject
2017 Professor Peter Schreiner Justus-Liebig University Nanodiamondoids as the next generation carbon materials
2016 Professor Denis Jacquemin Université de Nantes Using theoretical tools to model, predict and understand optical spectra

Professor Chris Vanderwal

University of California

Quick Access to Complexity. The Importance of Strategy for the Efficient Synthesis of Complex Natural and Unnatural Products

2014 Professor Todd Marder Universitat Wurzburg, Germany Boron in Novel Materials and Catalysis
2013 Professor Christopher Lowe University of Cambridge, UK mHEALTHCARE: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects
2012 Professor Li Changming Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Surface functionalization, the chemistry arts at nanoscales
2011 Professor Thomas B. Rauchfuss University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne Understanding how nature works with H2: the hydrogenase mechanisms
2010 Professor Malcolm H. Levitt University of Southhampton Singlet Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
2009 Professor Joel Bernstein Ben-Gurion University, Negev, Israel Chemistry in the courtroom
2008 Professor Colin Bain Durham University, UK Light: the world's most unlikely construction material
2007 Professor Steven Boxer Stanford University, CA, USA Imaging and reaction dynamics in model membranes: soft nanoscience
2006 Professor Ken Jordan University of Pittsburg, PA, USA Excess electrons and protons in water: a cluster perspective
2005 Professor Alfred W (Bill) Rutherford Research Director CNRS and Head of Section, Bioenergetics CEA, France Photosystem II structure-function: the EPR years
2004 Professor Peter Stang The University of Utah, Department of Chemistry Nanoscale molecular architecture: design and self-assembly of metallocyclic polygons & polyhedra via co-ordination".
2003 Professor Victor Snieckus Queens University, Department of Chemistry The centrality of chemistry in modern scientific pursuits"
2002 Dr Chris Abell University Chemical Laboratory, Cambridge Enzymology
2001 Professor Dame Julia Higgins FRS Imperial College, London Polymer blends - mixing, demixing and compatibilisation
2000 Professor Peter Maitlis FRS The University of Sheffield, UK The revolution in English Universities, 1980-2000: out with the old; long live the new
1999 Professor Henry Schaefer III Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry, University of Georgia, USA Molecular anions: a wealth of important, uncharacterized systems
1998 Professor Christopher J Moody University of Exeter, UK Organic chemistry: the practice of wealth creation
1997 Professor Walter Steurer Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich Quasicrystals 1984-1996. Where are we now?
1996 Professor David Buckingham FRS University of Cambridge, UK The hydrogen bond


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