Free range chemistry

Date & time

7–8pm 13 September 2013


Chemistry T1 Lecture Theatre, Building 34 ANU


Dr Peter Wothers, Cambridge University


 Mark Ellison

Dr Peter Wothers, Department of Chemistry, St Catharine’s College, Cambridge University, returns to share his enthusiasm for science.
Far too often in main-stream media, ‘chemicals’ are presented with a negative spin, implying that they are all man-made toxic evil substances. In this lecture Peter Wothers illustrates how ‘chemicals’ may be obtained from natural products such as ash, bones, and stones. The results are literally explosive.
How can a Bunsen burner be run off a lump of coal? How can copper be extracted from a semi-precious stone? How can the scrapings from a stable wall cause an explosion?
All these questions will be answered in an action-packed demonstration lecture which only features ‘natural’ material and no ‘nasty chemicals’!

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