Functionalised Porphyrins

Date & time

4–5pm 18 July 2013


RSC Lecture Theatre


Professor Norbert Jux


 Jo Bayley

Porphyrins are Nature’s choice of dyes for solar energy harvesting and processing as well as for numerous oxidative transformations in the respiratory chain. Both of these highly sophisticated sequences generate a cyclic regeneration of carbon dioxide on the one side, and oxygen on the other, driven by light. Fascinated by these actions porphyrins have been named “pigments of life”. Some of these processes will be highlighted in the introduction.
The lecture will give some insights into porphyrin chemistry starting with the synthesis and characterization of tetrapyrroles with a high number of reactive sites. Manipulation of these groups allows for the formation of a variety of highly functionalized porphyrins, such as octa-cationic or hexadeca-anionic (metallo)-porphyrins. Multiple “click” reactions with porphyrin oligoazides will also be presented.

A more detailed view on the following topics will be given:
- coordination chemistry of a porphyrin crown-ether conjugate with special emphasis on the interaction with superoxide anion
- photovoltaic devices based on the layer-by-layer deposition technique with highly charged porphyrins and carbon-based materials (nanotubes, graphene)

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