Heterocyclic Marine Natural Products from the 'Wine Dark Sea'

Date & time

11am–12pm 20 February 2014


RSC, Rm 3.105, Craig Wing, Building 138


Professor Tadeusz (‘Ted’) Molinski


 Gavin Perri

Marine natural products not only display an astonishing variety of structural diversity, but
many are biologically active and some have been approved as therapeutic drugs.1 Homer wrote2 of
the ‘wine dark sea’; is this a metaphor to the palliative properties of ‘drugs from the sea’? In this
talk, I will attempt to illustrate results from our laboratories of investigations of heterocyclic marine
natural products that recapitulate a common theme: compounds with therapeutic potential in
cancer and fungal diseases. These natural products were obtained mainly from collected ‘sea
sponges’ (Porifera), the phylum embracing the simplest multi-cellular animals (metazoans), but one
that expresses the largest ‘chemo-diversity’. Case studies will be presented that illustrate
extraordinary heterocyclic molecules, rich biological activities; all unified by synthesis in the service
of structure elucidation3 and structure-activity relationship studies (SAR).

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