Past events

4–5pm 21 March 2017
Tunneling Control of Chemical Reactions Chemical reactivity is traditionally understood[2] in terms of kinetic versus thermodynamic control,[3] wherein the driving force is the...
4–5pm 29 June 2016
Despite the enormous advances in structural studies of biological systems we are frequently left without a clear structure function correlation and cannot fully describe how...
4–5pm 17 June 2016
Using theoretical tools to model, predict and understand optical spectra During this lecture, I will illustrate why Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory (TD-DFT) has now...
12–5pm 17 June 2016
Professor John Carver Director, Research School of Chemistry has pleasure inviting you to the David Craig Celebration Symposium A Symposium to celebrate the life and...
9.30am–6.15pm 15 April 2016
SESSION 1 INTRODUCTION 9:30- 9:45 (TBA) Welcome and Introductory Remarks SESSION 2 IN VITRO MODELS OF THE CHEMISTRY OF LIFE 9:45- 10:30 ALLEN MINTON (NIH, USA) Effects of...
11am–12pm 5 June 2015
Over the years, we have shown that xanthates and related thiocarbonylthio derivatives allow the generation of radicals under conditions where the radicals possess a considerably...
4pm 4 June – 5pm 4 August 2015
Our research group is mostly concerned with the discovery and development of new reactions and processes that could be useful in organic synthesis.  As is usually the case in...
4–5pm 2 June 2015
Radical reactions offer many of the properties desired by synthetic organic chemists, in terms of variety, mildness of conditions, and a selectivity that is often complementary to...
11am–12pm 13 May 2015
Adventures in Oxidative Bond Forming Reactions: Development and Applications in Natural Product Synthesis
1–2pm 19 March 2015
The biosynthesis of natural products has been perfected over millions of years of evolution, resulting in the huge diversity of complex small organic molecules found in nature....
1–2pm 27 November 2014
Boron in novel materials and catalysis
4–5pm 26 November 2014
Domino reactions: concepts for efficient organic synthesis
11am–12pm 26 November 2014
Diethynylmetacyclopentadienes – A New Class of Luminescent Organometallics
1–2pm 20 November 2014
Different bacteria respond to their environments through alteration of cell morphology and through formation of communities of bacteria across surfaces, known as called biofilms....
4–7pm 14 November 2014
Late last year, the Research School of Chemistry moved into its new, state-of-the-art, $90m building. We now would like you to join with us in officially opening the building and...
1pm 16 October 2014
Tandem Photo-Catalysis as a strategy for water splitting
1pm 9 October 2014
Beyond the periodic Table - Going for the Superheavy Elements
1pm 2 October 2014
Visualisation of the Molecular World for a Deep Understanding of Chemistry
2–3pm 17 September 2014
Carbohydrates play an important role in a range of human diseases.  The nonulosonic acids are a family of 9-carbon sugars that include the sialic acids (e.g. N-...
9–10am 16 September 2014
Wolfram – Alpha and Mathematica in Teaching and Research


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