Past events

4–5pm 26 May 2014
The bottom-up design of protein-based signaling networks is a key goal of synthetic biology – yet, it remains elusive due to our inability to tailor-make signal transducers...
1–2pm 1 May 2014
Theory and Computation Provide Insights and Discovery on Chemical Reactions of Complex Molecular Systems
1–2pm 17 April 2014
The stabilization and "transition metal-like" reactivity of low oxidation state/low coordination group 14 metal complexes
1–2pm 15 April 2014
Bacterial cytochromes P450 as catalysts: investigations of their mechanism of electron transfer and action
1–2pm 27 March 2014
TIR (Toll/interleukin-1 receptor, resistance protein) domains feature in diverse proteins with functions in the immune system, such as animal TLRs (Toll-like receptors), plant...
4–5pm 17 March 2014
Our understanding of materials performance is based on experimental data.  We use it to generate predictive models that allow us to develop improved materials and sometimes...
1–2pm 11 March 2014
Enantiomerically pure β-amino alcohols play important roles both in the treatment of a wide variety of human disorders and as chiral auxiliaries in organic syntheses. There are a...
4–5pm 21 February 2014
As a sustainable, non-polluting alternative to fossil fuels, hydrogen has many benefits: it is abundant, and can be generated using a variety of renewable sources such as...
1–2pm 20 February 2014
The description by Watson and Crick of the double helix structure of DNA [1] led to a fundamental postulate that ³form is function² for biological molecules, meaning...
11am–12pm 20 February 2014
Marine natural products not only display an astonishing variety of structural diversity, but many are biologically active and some have been approved as therapeutic drugs.1 Homer...
11am–12pm 6 February 2014
Adventures with Acetals
1–2pm 23 January 2014
New Opportunities in Gold Catalysis
4–5pm 27 November 2013
Dr Daniel Christ Seminar
4–5pm 21 November 2013
Relaxing relaxeses: deregulation of the conjugative DNA processing reactions for biotechnological applications
4–7pm 15 November 2013
ANU is holding a farewell to the former Chemistry buildings for all staff and students, past and present. This will be a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and...
11am–12pm 8 November 2013
Unveiling the unexplored areas of organocatalysis
2–3pm 1 November 2013
 Lanthanide and nano-disk technology for structural biology and drug screening
4–5pm 15 October 2013
The time has come for us to embrace complexity—despite the fact that everyone has their own definition of it—and put much more emphasis into studying mixtures of...
4–5pm 14 October 2013
It was Marcellin Berthelot (1827-1907) who, in 1860, stated, “Chemistry creates its object.” He continued,“This creative capability, resembling that of art...
4–5pm 11 October 2013
The observation of π–π radical-cation dimers—sometimes referred to as pimers—on the redox stimulation of electron rich and poor heterocycles is long precedented...


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