Past events

7–8pm 13 September 2013
  Dr Peter Wothers, Department of Chemistry, St Catharine’s College, Cambridge University, returns to share his enthusiasm for science. Far too often in main-stream media,...
5–6pm 11 September 2013
Their influence in chemical nomenclature This lively lecture, based around the composition of everyday shampoo, explores the often-convoluted history behind the names of the...
4–5pm 5 September 2013
The basic human requirement for a high quality of life is good health. Diagnostic tests and procedures are essential tools in the armoury of the physician in order to achieve this...
2–3pm 4 September 2013
High Resolution Affinity Techniques for the Purification of Biopharmaceuticals
2–3pm 2 September 2013
Biologics and Biosimilars-The New Frontier in the Pharmaceutical Industry
4–5pm 29 August 2013
Encouraging Entrepreneurship from an Academic Environment
4–5pm 18 July 2013
Porphyrins are Nature’s choice of dyes for solar energy harvesting and processing as well as for numerous oxidative transformations in the respiratory chain. Both of these...
4–5pm 11 July 2013
Computational structural biology provides new opportunities to accelerate determination of the 3D structure of proteins and protein-protein complexes as it allows to compute...
4–5pm 27 June 2013
Organometallic Tecton Approach to Molecular Electronics
3–4pm 27 June 2013
Alkali Metal Mediated Metallation(AMMM): Cleave, Capture and Metallation Chemistry on Mn, Mg and Zn
4–5pm 20 June 2013
Structural Biology of AB5 Toxins
2–3pm 11 June 2013
Getting the reaction outcomes you want in ionic liquids - towards solvent controlled
4–5pm 6 June 2013
The big and the small of tyrosine cross-linked peptides
11am–12pm 5 June 2013
Novel Synthetic, Catalytic and Sensing Methodology
4–5pm 30 May 2013
Novel porous molecular solids
3–4pm 24 May 2013
Abstract: Synthetic biologists, in their more “chemical” activities, seek to create molecules that reproduce the more complicated behaviors of living system,...
4–5pm 23 May 2013
Synthesis of Therapeutic Glycopeptides and Glycoproteins via Novel Chemical Ligation Strategies
3–4pm 20 May 2013
The big and the small of it: lipid prodrugs and fragment-based lead design
4–5pm 16 May 2013
What is Cancer and How Should we Treat it in the Future? 
4–5pm 9 May 2013
Polypyridyl ruthenium(II) complexes as cytotoxic lipophilic cations: new paradigms for old molecules?


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