Past events

3–4pm 24 May 2013
Abstract: Synthetic biologists, in their more “chemical” activities, seek to create molecules that reproduce the more complicated behaviors of living system,...
4–5pm 23 May 2013
Synthesis of Therapeutic Glycopeptides and Glycoproteins via Novel Chemical Ligation Strategies
3–4pm 20 May 2013
The big and the small of it: lipid prodrugs and fragment-based lead design
4–5pm 16 May 2013
What is Cancer and How Should we Treat it in the Future? 
4–5pm 9 May 2013
Polypyridyl ruthenium(II) complexes as cytotoxic lipophilic cations: new paradigms for old molecules?
11am–12pm 8 May 2013
Recent Advances in Macromolecular Characterisation
4–5pm 2 May 2013
Pushing Click chemistry to the max in biological applications
4–5pm 6 December 2012
Professor Scott Rychnovsky, University College Irvine, USA, will present a Research Lecture entitled New Methods for Synthesis and Structure Determination. Room 134, 4PM.
4–5pm 29 November 2012
Dr Rejio Philip, Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, India, will present a Research Lecture entitled Optical limiting in ultrasmall gold nanoclusters, RSC Lecture Theatre, 4PM....
4–5pm 28 November 2012
Dr Eric Wenger, Director – Australian CBRN Data Centre, Australian Federal Police, will present a Research Lecture entitled Chemical Intelligence – A little known...
4–5pm 15 November 2012
Professor Margaret Harding, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) ANU, will present a Research Lecture entitled Design and Synthesis of Antifreeze Glycoproteins...
4–5pm 25 October 2012
A/Professor Vickery Arcus, Waikato University, New Zealand, will present a Research Lecture entitled A billion year old enzyme and the evolution of thermophily. RSC Lecture...
12.30–3.30pm 24 October 2012
Celebrate National Mole Day while enjoying sausages, veggie patties, beer, wine & soft drinks. Come and recite the 10 Commolements and have some Mole Day cake! Cost: $2 2012...
4–5pm 18 October 2012
Professor Milan Sanyal, National Academy of Sciences, India, will present a Research Lecture entitled Ordering of nanostructures on water surface. RSC Lecture Theatre, 4PM. 
11am–12pm 20 September 2012
Thursday 20th September: Professor Herbert Mayr, Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität München, will present a Research Lecture entitled Mythology in Organic Chemistry. RSC Lecture...
11am–12pm 19 September 2012
Wednesday 19th September: Professor Phil Baran, Scripps Research Institute, will present a Research Lecture entitled Studies in Natural Product Synthesis, Birch Seminar Room 134,...
5–6pm 12 September 2012
Wednesday 12th September: Dr Peter Wothers, Cambridge University, will present a Research Lecture entitled Gods Devils and Alcohol. Arthur Hambly Lecture Theatre, Building 34, 5PM...
9am–4pm 25 August 2012
Open Day at ANU will help you discover all our campus has to offer, with advice available on courses, enrolment and university life. Take a tour, or chat to the many researchers...
6–7.30pm 16 August 2012
Politicians, academics, journalists, pundits and special interest groups are all in the business of telling us what to do, and what might happen if we don't. Prediction is a...
9.30am–3.30pm 15 August 2012
The Modelling & Simulation Careers & Technology Showcase is an opportunity for students and interested members of the public to see the modelling and simulation work of...


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