Professor Chi Zhang



PhD (Nanjing Univ), FRSC, FRACI


Professor Dr. Chi Zhang is a Research Professor (Level E) at the Research School of Chemistry, and the Co-Director of the Australia-China Joint Research Center for Functional Molecular Materials. He received PhD degree in chemistry from Nanjing University (China, 2000), and has been awarded Research Fellowships by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany, 2001), Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (Japan, 2004), and Distinguished Young Scientist Award by National Natural Science Foundation (China, 2009). His research interests are concentrated on the designed synthesis, structure elucidation, third-order nonlinear optical properties and optoelectronic functions of transition metal clusters and supermolecules, organic-inorganic conjugated materials, nano particles and heterojunctions.


Research interests

Transition Metal Clusters/Supermolecules, Organic-Inorganic Conjugated Materials, Nano Particles/Heterojunctions and their Optoelectronic Functions

l   Correlations between molecular structures and nonlinear optical functions of heterothiometallic clusters, porphyrins-functionalized graphenes or multi-/single-walled carbon nanotubes;

l   Third-order nonlinear optical functions of heterothiometallic clusters or porphyrins-functionalized graphemes/carbon nanotubes as the molecular precursors for functional materials;

l   Rational design and molecular architecture of functionalized chalcogenide clusters and assemblies and porphyrins-functionalized graphemes/carbon nanotubes;

Facile fabrication of nanoparticles and nano-heterojunctions for photoelectrolysis and optical functions;


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