Architectures in Supramolecular and Inorganic Chemistry

Projects in our group focus on supramolecular assemblies, as well as coordination and organometallic complexes, especially involving novel main group elements that could act as catalysts, display interesting magnetic properties, host complexes for a myriad of guest species, or be used for gas storage. The group has a wide scope of chemistry we’re interested in, and understand that it’s the unexpected and unintentional results that can be the most rewarding once deciphered. To aid us in our endeavours we employ a range of characterisation methods, which offers numerous opportunities to learn new skills and techniques including: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR; 1D, 2D, heteronuclear), Infra-Red (IR) and Ultra-Violet/Visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopies, as well as Mass Spectrometry (MS), and with a particular focus on X-ray crystallography to explore solid-state properties. We also perform some air/moisture sensitive work using inert atmosphere glove boxes and Schlenk techniques.

Eager researchers, accompanied by new ideas, are most welcome. Please email to discuss potential projects in the group (at all levels).

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