Materials Science and Applications

My group is interested in materials science and engineering from the synthesis, characterization and understanding of function-orientated nano-/atomic-level materials and structures, to the integration of system-level multi-functionalities for sustainable energy conversion&storage, carbon capture&storage, on-skin nanowearables based bio-medical prediction&diagnosis.
1). Design and synthesis of function-orientated two/mixed-dimensional nano/atomic inorganic/hybrid/organic materials with manipulating their layer structures, crystal phases, crystal exposure facets, surface molecular modifications, local Plasmons resonance, ferroelectric domains, introduced defects, or external strain/field, etc.

2). Understanding of the correlation between above structures, carrier behaviors (e.g. photon absorption&conversion, charge transport&diffusion, ion diffusion, radical reactivity, Plasmon/exciton/polariton dynamics, etc.) and performance sustainability.

3). Local surface activity identification by real-time visualisable high spatial/temporal resolution techniques (microscopy/spectroscopies).

4). Understanding and development of sustainable functionalities from unifunctional devices to multi-functional systems.




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Thomson-Reuters Highly Cited Researchers in 2015-to-2017 three years consecutively:

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