Potential projects

Project name Degree types Supervisor
A deeper understanding of the most important organic reaction Honours
Professor Michael Sherburn
A method for tuning the temperature coefficient of capacitance of Bi-based pyrochlore dielectric ceramics PhD Professor Ray Withers
A polymer brush designed to behave as a switch Honours
Professor Edie Marie Sevick
Ab initio quantum chemistry of crystals PhD Professor Michael Collins
Accurate computational methods Honours
Professor Michelle Coote
Alkynylselenolatoalklidynes and related unsaturated organoselenium ligands PhD Professor Anthony Hill
Antibiotic resistance at the molecular level: new targets for drug design PhD Professor David Ollis
Approximate ab initio quantum chemistry PhD Professor Michael Collins
Areas of research Bachelor
Professor Michelle Coote
Artificial photosynthesis PhD Associate Professor Ron Pace
Astrochemistry PhD
Carbon gasification PhD
Carbon wires with metal-carbon multiple bonding PhD Professor Anthony Hill
Cell surface receptor PhD Professor David Ollis
Cell-free protein synthesis PhD Professor Gottfried Otting
Chemical ecology PhD A/Prof Russell Barrow
Chemical origin of nanoscale polar domains in PbZn1/3Nb2/3O3 PhD Professor Richard Welberry
Cheminformatics & biostatistics Bachelor
Chiral multidentate ligands with stereogenic As and or P donor atoms PhD
Chiral transition metal complexes as potential anticancer drugs PhD
Clathrate modelling PhD
Complex metal hydrides PhD
Computer simulation of polyrotaxanes Honours Professor Edie Marie Sevick
Construction of exact wave functions for model systems with more than one electron PhD Professor Peter Gill
Controlled radical polymerisation Honours
Professor Michelle Coote


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