WHS (Safety) Noticeboard

In the event of an emergency, call 000 (0-000 from internal phones) for Ambulance, Police, Fire Brigade, and HAZMAT.

After-hours assistance is available through ANU Security 24/7 on 6125 22 49.

All incidents and hazards are to be reported through ANU's Reporting System "Figtree".



The Research School of Chemistry is committed to ensure the safety of its staff, students and visitors.

For their own sakes, and in their own interests, all staff and students are required to observe ANU Procedures and Policies and RSC safety Regulations. ANU's principles of this commitment are defined in the ANU Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy, and specific responsibilities for Directors, supervisors/managers, and all other workers are spelled out in the ANU WHS Responsibilities Procedure.





A new sign-in system for presence in RSC buildings has been set up and is accessible via the tablet at RSC reception (building 137). The following sign-in rules apply: 

(i) RSC staff and students must sign in outside business hours (Mo-Fr, 8:00-18:00) when entering the building, independent of the kind of work that is being done. 

(ii) Visitors must sign in any time and must be accompanied by RSC staff at all times unless inducted into the building to the appropriate level.

(iii) Contractors must sign in for any job done on site at any time.



Please read the latest RSC and ANU safety alerts (a collection of past and present ANU Hazard Alerts can also be found here).





Please note that the below collection of links is not an exhaustive/comprehensive list of all ANU policies, procedures, and guidelines, but rather a list of highlighted items with relevance to our work at RSC.

  • ANU Policies, procedures, and guidelines (web link) - searchable collection of all ANU policies, procedures, and guidelines
  • ANU Strategic Plan (web link) - any work carried out at ANU is to align with ANU's objectives outlined in the ANU strategic plan, which includes WHS objectives.
  • ANU Chemical Handbook (pdf, ANU resource) - central document for any chemical work at ANU
  • ANU WHS Policy (web link) - outlining the overarching responsibilities of ANU, its executive, senior managers and all workers in the context of a healty and safe work environment.
  • ANU Risk Management Policy (web link) - outlines ANU's approach to risk management, including risk identification, reporting, and training/education in the risk management space.
  • ANU Risk Management Procedure (web link) - procedure that sits underneath the corresponding risk management policy. It lists staff and students' responsibilities in a risk management context, and it provides broad guidance on the risk assessment methodology.
  • ANU WHS Management System Manual (web link) - a useful guide that explains/defines key terms in the risk management field, and that provides a summary of critical compoenents of the ANU WHS Management System, such as training, emergency planning, hazard/incident reporting, or inspections/audits.





The RSC WHS Committee (formerly Advisory Committee on Safety; ACS) is composed of the RSC Director, RSC School Manager, RSC WHS Manager, and 5 Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs), elected from a variety of work areas across the RSC (e.g. academia, chemical research, biochemical research, workshops, students, postdocs, teaching). A minimum of 4 meetings are held each year, and everyone at the RSC is encouraged to raise safety related issues with the Committee. 







The ChemWatch based Chemical Management System (CMS) replaced the former Chemical Inventory System (CIS). The CMS is the ANU mandated system for managing chemical holdings. Please note that the CIS is was phased out in 2017 and has not been maintained since then.

To access the CMS, please use your u-number and HORUS/ISIS password to log in via https://jr.chemwatch.net/chemwatch.web/home. See "Instructions on how to log in to CMS" for details.

A guide on the most relevant CMS operations such as searching for Safety Data Sheets (SDS), for chemical containers, adding containers, or performing a stocktake are described in this CMS guide.

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