Dr. Nicholas Hill

MSci Chemistry with Industrial Experience, Hons
Postdoctoral Fellow

I completed my undergraduate masters degree in Chemistry with a yearlong industrial placement at the University of Birmingham, UK, graduating in 2016 with a First Class degree, with honours. I came to ANU in order to study under the supervision of Prof. Michelle Coote, as well as to take advantage of being able to study abroad as a PhD student. My masters research was in computational photochemistry, and my PhD is continuing in this vein and will involve tackling a variety of photochemical problems using state of the art in silico techniques. Current research projects involve not only modelling photochemistry for collaborators, but also in modelling catalysis of a variety of reactions, in order to provide insight that can be put towards the future rational design of highly efficient catalytic systems.


Zhang, J.; Hill, N.; Lalevée, J.; Fouassier, J.-P.; Zhao, J.; Graff, B.; Schmidt, T.W.; Kable, S.H.; Stenzel, M.H.; Coote, M.L.; Xiao, P., Multihydroxy-Anthraquinone Derivatives as Free Radical and Cationic Photoinitiators of Various Photopolymerizations under Green LED Macromol. Rapid Commun., (2018)


Hill, N.S.; Noble, B.N.; Coote, M.L., Mechanistic Insights into Lewis Acid Mediated Sequence- and Stereo-control in Radical Copolymerization In Reversible Deactivation Radical Polymerization: From Mechanisms to Materials and Applications, Eds. Tsarevsky, N.; Gao, G.; Matyjaszewski, K.; Sumerlin, B., American Chemical Society (2018)