ANU ChemSoc Public Lecture - Dr. Tristan Reekie

 If I Don’t Talk to you About Drugs, Who Will? - Dr. Tristan Reekie


Drug abuse and addiction of both illicit and legal substances is of significant social, legal and health concern worldwide. Addiction and drug abuse often leads to social isolation and has a significant impact on personal relationships. Support networks such as Alcoholics Anonymous provide a much needed outlet to help re-establish these relationships. Ironically, pharmaceutical treatments may provide a way to help people suffering from addiction. Stimulating the brain’s oxytocin system through small organic molecules might help those suffering from a substance-use disorder to reengage with the social world and help them overcome addiction.

This talk will detail my journey from ANU graduate in chemistry to my current role as Undergraduate Convenor and how I have applied that experience to develop new compounds to treat social disorders, including addiction. This talk will be accessible to all levels of chemistry understanding focussing on where chemistry can take us, rather than the chemistry itself.

Date/Time: Wed 14/10/2020, 12 pm (Midday)

Location: Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 894 3446 2194

Password: 765101