Associate Professor Colette Boskovic - Inorganic Molecular Materials: Functional Metal Complexes

Molecular materials with physical properties that can be controlled by external parameters, such as temperature, light or magnetic field are important synthetic targets because they form the basis of molecular devices. The miniaturisation required by technological advances in electronics makes the demand for such nanoscale devices inevitable.  Research in our group is focused on the exploration of different families of inorganic molecules that can display functionality arising from their electronic structure: single-molecule magnets (SMMs), valence tautomeric (VT), spin crossover (SCO) and redox-switchable complexes. We are particularly interested in complexes of 3d and 4f metals.  This lecture will present our recent research efforts directed towards the exploration of lanthanoid(III) SMMs and switchable cobalt VT and SCO complexes.1–4


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