Catalytic Synthesis with Titanium and Carbenes.

The lecture will focus on two research activities of our group: (i) development of novel N-heterocyclic carbenes/azolium salts for catalytic Umpolung reactions, and (ii) development of Ti-salalen catalysts for asymmetric epoxidations with hydrogen peroxide. 
Ad (i): Based on our experience in the first preparation and characterization of Breslow-intermediates,1 we have recently been able to design and synthesize a new generation of carbene organocatalysts2 which promote hitherto impossible catalytic transformations in-volving diamino dienols and azolium enolates, such as the one-step conversion of 9-oxocitral to nepetalactone shown below (Scheme, left). First applications of these novel N-hetero-cyclic carbenes as ligands in Co-catalyzed C-H activation will briefly be presented as well.3 
Ad (ii): The most recent generation of cis-DACH derived salalen-ligands shown in the Scheme (right) allows the efficient and highly enantioselective epoxidation of terminal, non-conjugated olefins with hydrogen peroxide.4 Several examples and mechanistic aspects of this process will be presented. Professor Berkessel


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