Chemical Manufacturing using Continuous Flow – From Research to Industry

Chemical Manufacturing using Continuous Flow – From Research to Industry
Dr James Gardiner
CSIRO Manufacturing (FloWorks), Melbourne


Abstract: Continuous flow processes form the basis of the petrochemical and bulk chemical industries. However much of the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries still rely on existing infrastructure of multipurpose batch or semi-batch processes. The advantages of continuous flow are increasingly being appreciated across academia and industry. Recently CSIRO has opened its Centre for Industrial Flow Chemistry (FloWorks) to aid the transition of continuous processing into the commercial chemical manufacturing sector. An overview of FloWorks capability and research will be given together with examples where CSIRO’s continuous flow processes have been successfully scaled up and transitioned to industry. New opportunities in high throughput continuous flow catalysis using 3D printing and additive manufacturing will also be presented.


This talk will include a discussion and explanation of job opportunities for chemists (PhDs and postdocs) at CSIRO, so this presentation will be of particular importance to students and postdocs.