Chemistry in the Pub

In June there will be Chemistry in the Air! Well in the pub actually, thanks to Inspiring Australia ACT and RACI, and you are invited to present.

So react to this opportunity and synthesize a sensational presentation about your research, your favourite reaction or some real world chemistry.

You have eight minutes to share your love of science with the public – get creative! We’ve had physics poems in Adelaide, astronomy songs in Sydney, biology quizzes in Canberra and pseudoscience standup in Brisbane so far; what will you try out?

As MC Dr Phil Dooley makes sure the crowd is warmed up and appreciative - add beer, you can't go wrong! Prove that science ain't boring, researchers are humans, and Wednesday nights in Canberra are crackingly intelligent fun.

When: 7 PM, Wednesday 13 June

Where: Smiths Alternative, 76 Alinga St, Civic

Cost: Free thanks to RACI and Inspiring Australia

More info:

The Lineup

The Chemical Dad – (alias Trevor Rapson, CSIRO) is joining us for a live stage show of his YouTube channel Khemistry Kid, along with his son, who’s four!

Sean Smith (NCI) doesn’t do chemistry in the lab, he does it in a computer. A supercomputer – of which he is the Director. He says it’s the key to saving the planet with sustainable energy

This spot vacant for you or a colleague! Email if you are interested!

Astrobiologist Charley Lineweaver (Stromlo, ANU) will use an ice cube to demonstrate the origins of chemistry and life         .

The Elements Song by Tom Lehrer is out of date. Phil Dooley (Phil Up On Science) is giving a long overdue update (apologies to Nirvana).

Damien Hall (Chemistry, ANU) studies globs of proteins. They turn up in all kinds of parts of the body and could be the key to diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Richard Henley (Earth Sciences, ANU) is fascinated by the chemistry of Michelangelo’s Marble.

Science in the Pub happens at Smiths on the second Tuesday of every month. July 11 will be Health and Medical… August, TBA.

If you wish to be involved, please let Jo Bayley know!