Generation and reactivity of group 9 PCcarbeneP pincer complexes

Traditionally, PCcarbeneP pincer complexes have only been accessible via double C-H activation of dehydrohalogenation. As such PCcarbeneP complexes have been restricted to noble metals. However, access to recently reported α-hydroxyalkyl PCP pincer complexes allows the facile generation of PCcarbeneP complexes via protonolysis. This talk will focus on the novel generation and reactivity of a range of PCcarbeneP complexes.

Dr Rowan Young conducted his undergraduate studies in Sydney at the University of New South Wales before undertaking doctoral studies in the Research School of Chemistry at the Australian National University. During his PhD studies, Dr Young focused on the synthesis and characterisation of elusive alkane σ-complexes and metal carbides under the supervision of Professor Anthony Hill, for which he was awarded the RSC Director’s Prize for best thesis in 2012. Dr Young then held research fellow positions at the University of Oxford (with Professor Andrew Weller) and the University of Edinburgh (with Professor Polly Arnold), where his focus shifted towards catalysis. Dr Young accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in 2014 at the National University of Singapore, where his research focus is on the development of new transition metal and main group catalysts aimed at solving on-going synthetic problems in C-H and C-F functionalisation chemistry.