Multifunctional Metallopolyynes: Synthesis, Functions and Applications

Inclusion of transition metal elements into organic scaffolds allows the hybridization of the interesting physical characteristics of metal complexes such as electronic, optical and magnetic properties with the solubility and processability inherent to the organic-based molecules. This lecture highlights the recent development of some multifunctional rigid-rod metallopolyynes which can exhibit easily tunable luminescent and electronic properties. Considerable focus is placed on the evaluation of their suitability as emitters in PLEDs, optical power limiters for eye and sensor protection, semiconductors in organic photovoltaic cells for solar power generation and solution-processible polymer precursors to metal alloy nanoparticles for magnetic data storage application. The approaches based on structural modification of the organic chromophore to achieve tunable absorption and emission properties and to tune the optoelectronic properties of these organometallic materials will be presented.