Past events


Chemistry-based Careers in the Public Service »

11am 8 May 2018

Dr Walker will provide an overview of how expertise in chemistry is used to assess and manage the environmental impacts of industrial chemicals and pesticides on a national and international scale. The presentation will include a description of projects currently underway in the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy. Opportunities for graduates with a background in chemistry to pursue rewarding careers in the public service will also be discussed.


RSC Social Club Family Day »

12.30pm 6 May 2018

Join us for the first RSC Social Club BBQ Celebration being held at Black Mountain Peninsula park. All members of the RSC are welcome, not just families! What will be provided? The RSC Social Club will provide a sausage sizzle, soft drinks, cupcakes and children's entertainment. Alcoholic drinks will not be provided. What should I bring? Please bring picnic blankets and/or chairs, snacks and beverages. What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?


Genetic code reprogramming for drug discovery and protein analysis »

2pm 4 May 2018

The combination of genetic code reprogramming and mRNA display is a powerful approach for the identification of macrocyclic peptides with high affinities to a target of interest. Synthesis of very high diversity focused libraries (> 10(12) compounds) and affinity screening delineates structure activity relationships and sets the stage for the development of more potent and selective inhibitors.


Inaugural Research Capabilities Expo »

12pm 2 May 2018

Research support and service facilities are showcasing their expertise and capabilities available to researchers, students and staff at the ANU and to external clients. 


Safety Induction »

11am 1 May 2018

Full safety induction for new staff and students.


Lesbian Visibility Day »

1am 26 April 2018

Lesbian Visibility Day is celebrated on the 26th of April every year, a day that acknowledges the rich diversity within our community, and celebrates our stories, culture and history. Lesbian Visibility Day is also an opportunity to knock down some of the stereotypes about what it means to be a lesbian. Lesbian Visibility Day began in 2008, this year is the 10th year of the day, and celebrating today is as important as it was ten years ago.