Periodic Table in the Pub

Local researchers get creative talking about the chemistry that drives our world. New stronger materials, safer foods and cheaper ways to make life-saving drugs - all powered by chemistry

Get a drink and a snack and settle in to hear half a dozen short presentations, watch experiments and compete in quizzes from local researchers from all over the city

MC Dr Phil Dooley keeps the night moving and throws in a song or two and a joke or two.

And it's free thanks to sponsor Research School of Chemistry at ANU

The Line Up

Penny Brothers (ANU Chemistry) knows how to find everyone’s favourite element - gold. She’s going to let you in on the secret - it’s easier than you think!

It’s the smallest element, hydrogen, and the smallest chemist, 5 year-old Matthew. Yes, the Khemistry Kid and his Dad, Trevor Rapson (CSIRO) are back.

This spot vacant for you or a colleague: contact if you have a story to share.

Sulfur’s had a bad rap, says Penny King (ANU Earth Sciences). OK, it smells a bit, but it helps us understand not only Earth’s history, but Mars, and even Jupiter’s moon Io.

Cartoonist and physicist Larissa Huston (ANU Physics) is going to share a tale of two nano-sisters, silicon and germanium.

Phil Dooley (Phil Up On Science) has discovered a horrific organism pumping out corrosive unstable chemicals. They’re called trees and they emit oxygen!

And the evening would not be complete without the Elements song, by Tom Lehrer - join Phil Dooley and Bruce Warrington (National Measurement Institute)