A/Prof Marie Cifuentes

Associate Professor

Marie Cifuentes is the group leader of the Functional organometallic materials research group. Her research interests are centered on molecular organometallic materials chemistry; synthesis, structure, reactivity, electrochemistry and nonlinear optical properties of organometallic and related organic molecules.

She is a Chief Investigator in the Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Functional Molecular Materials, and has recieved the RACI Organometallic Award (2006), as well as the Gritton Fellowship by the University of Sydney (1999), an ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (1996), and two ARC Australian Research Fellowships (2002, 2010).

Research interests

The aim of our research is the preparation of new types of potentially useful molecular materials. Understanding how chemical structure can control molecular properties is the key step, and this necessitates coupling chemical synthesis to a range of physical properties studies.

Research in the group involves organometallic, organic, coordination complex and polymer synthesis, spectroscopy, various electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical techniques, molecular modelling, electron microscopy and X-ray structural studies, and a wide range of nonlinear optical studies using high-power lasers.