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Jennifer Ton Honours student
Mr. Thanh Tran
Prof. Antonio Tricoli Honorary Professor
  • +61 2 6125 1696
Mr Md Nasir Uddin PhD Candidate
Mr. Zain Ul Abideen PhD Candidate
Sven Ullrich PhD Candidate
Mr Damian Van Raad PhD Candidate
Miss Arwen Vernon PhD Candidate
Miss Jekaterina Viktorova PhD Candidate
Ms Vanessa Vongsouthi PhD Candidate
Ms Ngoc (Jade) Vu Honours Student
Mr Genmiao Wang Research Officer
  • +61 2 61253712
Dr. Yi Wang Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Huan Wang PhD Candidate
Ms Lily Wang PhD Candidate
Dr. Jiao Yu (Joseph) Wang Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Lachlan Watson PhD Candidate
Prof. Thomas (Richard) Welberry Emeritus Professor
  • +61 2 61254122
Prof. Thomas Richard Welberry Emeritus Professor
Mr Steven Welsh PhD Candidate
Ms Erin Westley PhD Candidate
Ms Sumudu Weththasinghe PhD Candidate
Dr. Andrew White Postdoctoral Fellow
Prof. John White Emeritus Professor
  • +61 2 61253578
Dr Nicholas White Senior Lecturer
  • +61 2 6125 0335
Ms Cassidy Whitefield PhD Candidate
Mr Link Williams Leading Hand (Mechanical)
  • +61 2 61253494
Ms Holly Williamson Casual Research Assistant
Dr Katie Wilson Postdoctoral Fellow
  • +61 2 6125 7836
Prof. Raymond Withers Emeritus Professor