Lizbeth Dimonti

PhD Candidate

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Lizbeth Dimonti received her Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Universitas Indonesia in 2020. Currently, Lizbeth is a PhD student at the Research School of Chemistry who started her research at the ANU in early 2022 under the principal supervision of A/Prof. Alexey Glushenkov. She is supported by a PhD scholarship from the Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program, an initiative of the ANU and the Australian Capital Territory government. Lizbeth’s research experiences include working on materials chemistry research such as fabrication and characterization of metal-organic frameworks and titanium oxide nanomaterials. In 2021 Lizbeth participated in a research project related to electrochemical supercapacitors as a recipient of a Future Research Talent Indonesia 2021 award, administered by the ANU College of Science. Lizbeth’s current PhD research is focused on advanced in-situ characterization using electron microscopy to understand nanoscale mechanisms inside an operating energy storage device. The research involves observation of nanoscale battery’s charge/discharge mechanisms in a liquid electrolyte, which closely mimics a real-life operating battery device.


• ANU Future Research Talent Awards Indonesia (2021)

• Bronze Medal in National Chemistry Olympiad (Indonesia, 2019)


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