Mr Christopher Fitzgerald

PhD Candidate

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Christopher's interest in science started at an early age, and grew throughout high school, eventuating in his undergraduate studies in all subjects involving chemistry, and subsequently leading onto my Honours and PhD, both at ANU. The main question and focus of his Ph.D. involve the area of secondary steroidal metabolites, specifically, steroidal sulfates and glucuronides, and the study of them through the fields of synthetic and analytical chemistry. Steroidal metabolites are a re-emerging and rapidly growing field of study in various fields of study, with applications ranging from medical diagnosis to the field of anti-doping. Christopher's research will aim to further study multiple facets of steroidal metabolites, from the development and application of novel stable isotope labelled reference materials, to new ways of untargeted screening of the steroidal metabolome via the development of various new HPLC-MS techniques and post chemo-informatic work-flows, and finally, in the detection, synthesis and quantification of new steroidal metabolites for potential applications in anti-doping and medicine. 




Building: 137, Rn: 3.11


“Steroid sulfation pathways targeted by disulfates determination. Application to prenatal diagnosis”

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