Mr Huan Wang

PhD Candidate
Bachelor of Polymer Material & Engineering

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Huan completed his Bachelor Degree of Polymer Material & Engineering (2012) in Jiangnan University (Wuxi, China) and started his graduated education as PhD candidate at 2014 in Jiangnan University, supervised by Mark G Humphrey & Chi Zhang. He was fund by University Scholarship Fund( Jiangnan University) to visit RSC ANU as Visiting Fellow(2017/3/15~2017/9/14), supervised by Mark G Humphrey. He has been awarded the  Chinese Government Scholarship for 2 years to visit RSC ANU as Visiting Fellow.The undergoing project that Huan Wang is working on is trying to discuss the use of porphyrin in NLO-active organometallic chromophores.



Bldg 137, Rm 2.16


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Synthesis and Properties of a Novel Polycarbonate-Based UV-Curable Resin


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Preparation and Properties of the UV - Curable Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersions Based on Different Diols


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Synthesis, Optical, Electrochemical, and Theoretical Studies of Dipolar Ruthenium Alkynyl Complexes with Oligo(phenylenevinylene) Bridges


Dilan Wei; Mahesh Kodikara; Mahbod Morshedi; Graeme Moxey; Huan Wang; Genmiao Wang; Cristobal Quintana; Chi Zhang; Rob Stranger; Marie Cifuentes; Mark G. Humphrey, ChemPlusChem, 2016, 81, 7, 621-628:

Syntheses and Optical Properties of Azo-Functionalized Ruthenium Alkynyl Complexes


Beibei Gao, Leszek M. Mazur, Mahbod Morshedi, Adam Barlow, Huan Wang, Cristobal Quintana, Chi Zhang, Marek Samoc, Marie P. Cifuentes and Mark G. Humphrey*, Chem. Commun., 2016, 52, 8301-8304:

Exceptionally large two- and three-photon absorption cross-sections by OPV organometalation

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