Mr Fergus James McDonald Rogers

Bachelor of Science (with honours)
PhD Candidate

I am a doctoral candidate working under Professor Michelle Coote, having commenced my program circa April 2018. I am no stranger to the ANU however, as I received my undergraduate degree here with honours in 2016. This degree was awarded with a major in chemistry, and minors in mathematics and philosophy respectively. My honours project was spent exploring crystalline states in the one-dimensional, uniform electron gas, a novel electronic system whose three-dimensional homologue underlies the construction of most exchange-correlation functionals within density functional theory. Over the course of this project, I had the good fortune of working under the supervision of Doctor Pierre-Francois Loos (Titou), formerly a member of the RSC. Currently, my interests lie within the scope of computer-aided chemical design of species such as radical initiators and electrostatic catalysts, computational electrochemistry, solvation models and more.

1. Symmetry-broken local-density approximation for one-dimensional systems. Rogers, F.J.M.; Loos, P.F.; Ball, C.J. Phys. Rev. B. 2016, 93, 235114.

2. Excited-state Wigner crystals in one dimension. Rogers, F.J.M.; Loos, P.F. J. Chem. Phys. 2017, 146, 044114.