Mr James Antoney

Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) (ANU)
PhD Candidate

James Antoney completed his Bachelor of Biotechnology at ANU with first class Honours in 2015. His honours project, supervised by Colin Jackson, was to elucidate the function of a small flavin-binding protein from Mycobacterium smegmatis implicated in mycobacterial dormancy.

In 2016 James commenced his PhD under the supervision of Colin Jackson on the potential biotechnology applications of cofactor F420, a low redox potential flavin derivative involved in methanogenesis, tetracycline biosynthesis and mycobacterial persistence. In addition to this he has studied the biosynthetic pathway of cofactor F420 with the goal of engineering a commercially viable platform for production of the cofactor.

James has many research interests ranging from metabolic engineering and synthetic biology to biocatalysis and enzyme cofactors, particularly flavins.