Mr Suk Woo Kang

Master of Science
PhD Candidate

I have studied applied biology and chemistry during undergraduate and master course in SNU, Korea. My research interest has been natural products as potential pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food additives. My current PhD research program in ANU focuses on developing methods for protein engineering and biocatalysis which are essential to a range of industrial, medical and environmental applications under the A/Prof. Jackson’s supervision.


Kang, S. W.; Kim, K. A.; Lee, C. H.; Yang, S. J.; Kang, T. K.; Jung, J. H.; Kim, T. J.; Oh, S. R.; Jung, S. H., A standardized extract of Rhynchosia volubilis Lour. exerts a protective effect on benzalkonium chloride-induced mouse dry eye model. J Ethnopharmacol 2018, 215, 91-100.