Ms Bethany McBride

Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours)
PhD Candidate

Bethany completed her Bachelor’s degree in 2014, graduating with First Class Honours and a University Medal from the Australian National University.

After working with Professor Yun Liu of the Australian National University on the synthesis, properties and crystallography of metal oxide based supercapacitors, piezoelectrics and photocatalysts, Bethany decided to continue her study and undertake a PhD that explores various photo-functional ceramic materials. Bethany is particularly interested in multiferroic and photovoltaic properties characterisation, as well as structural analysis by neutron, X-ray and electron diffraction.  

Bethany is also heavily involved with the tutoring and demonstrating of CHEM2213 – Materials Chemistry and CHEM3202 – Advanced Physical and Materials Chemistry at the ANU.


T. Lu, A. J. Studer, L. Noren, W. Hu, D. Yu, B. McBride, Y. Feng, R. L. Withers, H. Chen, Z. Xu and Y. Liu, Sci. Rep. 6, 23659 (2016).