Mrs Elmira Bahraminejad

Cellular and Molecular Biology – Genetics (BSc), Biochemistry (MSc)
Campus Visitor

Elmira received her BSc in Genetics (2007) from the University of Isfahan and obtained a First Class MSc in Biochemistry (2012) studying the mechanism by which crocin effects the aggregation and deposition of Aβ1-40 in Alzheimer's Disease. Since 2011, she worked as a researcher in the Royan Institute on recombinant proteins and transgenic organisms for 3 years.  Elmira was awarded the Class I prize during the 3rd Kharazmi Young Research Festival (2001), and she is a member of Iran's National Elites Foundation (2009).  She is currently a PhD candidate in the Research School of Chemistry (RSC) at the Australian National University (ANU), working on amyloid fibril formation and chaperone ability of casein proteins under the supervision of Professor John Carver and Dr. David Thorn.

Research interests

Peptide and protein structure, function and interactions