Connal Group

At the Connal group we make polymers. Polymers and soft matter have a number of applications across a multitude of industries and areas which means we develop new materials for a range of applications.

The group focuses on creating new polymers for advanced applications, these include new polymer catalysts inspired by enzymes, for detergents, therapeutics and nerve agent decontamination.

We also develop new smart polymers for 3D printer inks, enabling printed objects to perform advanced functions. We also have a program to develop new polymer electrolytes for energy storage applications. We work closely with industry partners to develop this enabling polymer chemistry.

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Established in April 2018 the Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program (BSGIP) undertakes socio-techno-economic research, development and demonstration activities that support the global energy transition and help achieve economy-wide decarbonisation.Work within the program encompasses detailed disciplinary work on components of the global energy system and on how we integrate these components together to support energy transition and decarbonisation. Staff within the Program have broad expertise that includes engineering, chemistry, computer sciences, physics, economics and the social sciences. The Program places a strong focus on translational research which is defined as simultaneously advancing the body of knowledge and advancing the practice in the field.Hosted within The Australian National University by the School of Engineering (within the College of Engineering and Computer Science) and the Research School of Chemistry (within the College of Science), the Program comprises more than 50 staff and students with diverse academic, industry, gender and cultural backgrounds. The Program is funded by the ACT Government through the Renewable Energy Innovation Fund initiative, the Australian National University, and through project funding from various industry partners and grant bodies.Work led through the Research School of Chemistry focuses on materials, battery technologies and characterisation. Researchers are designing, building and characterising new battery storage devices, based on a fundamental understanding of different chemical and material behaviours. They are also exploring opportunities for battery recycling, reuse and failure analysis based on characterisation capabilities. Find out more: Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program – An initiative of the Australian National University (