Research equipment

Research equipment

Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation (MALDI) – Time-of-Flight – Time-of-Flight Mass spectrometer.

Learn more about ABI-Sciex 4800

Agilent 6890 GC coupled to a 5973N Single Quadrupole EI-MS

Learn more about Agilent 5973N GC Single Quad MS

Agilent 1260 HPLC coupled to a UV/Visible Diode Array Detector (DAD) Agilent 6120 low-resolution single-quadrupole MS with Electrospray Ionisation (ESI)

Learn more about Agilent 6120 Single Quadrupole MS with Agilent 1260 HPLC with Diode Array Detector and HTS Plate Sampler

Agilent 7890B Gas Chromatograph (GC) coupled to an Agilent 7010 Triple Quadrupole MS/MS with Electron Impact (EI) ionisation.

Learn more about Agilent 7010 GC-Triple Quadrupole-MS/MS

Agilent 7890A Gas Chromatograph with Flame Ionisation Detector (FID)

Learn more about Agilent 7890A GC-FID

Agilent 7890A gas chromatograph (GC) with Gerstel MPS preparative autosampler coupled to low resolution 5975C single quadrupole MS

Learn more about Agilent 7890A/5975C GC/MS with Gerstel MPS

This diffractometer is used for more demanding chemical structures.

Learn more about Agilent SuperNova

This is the major workhorse for efficient throughput of routine chemical structures.

Learn more about Agilent Xcalibur

Integrated system for macromolecular diffraction experiments.

Learn more about MaruX 345DTB

Micromass/Waters AutoSpec Premier High-Resolution Magnetic Sector EI-MS with Direct Sample Introduction Probe

Learn more about Micromass/Waters AutoSpec Premier

The Waters/Micromass ZMD is a single quadrupole benchtop Mass spectrometry detector that couples to an alliance HPLC system.

Learn more about Micromass/Waters ZMD

Thermo Fusion ETD Tribrid (Quadrupole/Ion Trap/Orbitrap) MS coupled to a Dionex Ultimate 3000 UHPLC with Nanoflow Capability

Learn more about Thermo Orbitrap Fusion ETD

This instrument couples an analytical flow UHPLC with a Thermo Q-Exactive Plus quadrupole / Orbitrap MS/MS with Electro Spray Ionisation (ESI).

Learn more about Thermo Orbitrap Q-Exactive Plus with UHPLC

The LCT Premier orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight (OA-TOF) mass spectrometer features a Z-Spray source with electrospray ionisation (ESI).

Learn more about Waters LCT Premier