Supramolecular chemistry / Catenanes / Combining coordination bond and hydrogen bond-mediated self-assembly / Hydrogen bonded organic frameworks

Supramolecular chemistry to control catalysis, Catenanes, Combining coordination bond and hydrogen bond-mediated self-assembly, and Hydrogen bonded organic frameworks.

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Dr. Nick White

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Hydrogen bonded organic frameworks (HOFs) are a class of crystalline, porous three-dimensional materials, assembled through hydrogen bonding. We have developed a route to a family of hydrogen bonded materials that are stable even in boiling water. Due to their high stability and easy preparation, these materials can be used for a range of applications, including stabilizing enzymes and other biomolecules. This project could incorporate several different aspects in this area, but all are likely to include a mix of organic synthesis, host-guest binding studies, crystal growth and X-ray crystallography.