Catalysis is the acceleration of a chemical reaction by a substance that itself does not undergo change. Catalysts can be chemical or biochemical, organic, inorganic or organometallic, soluble or insoluble, molecular or material-based. Catalysts are important because they allow chemical reactions that are otherwise very difficult to achieve. They also give us both new ways and better ways to make molecules. Catalyst design, catalyst function, and the deployment of catalysts in synthesis are all active areas of study at the RSC.

Academic staff

Project Status
2D nano-to-atomic scale catalysts / Harnessing solar energy / Advanced 2D materials  Current
A Trojan horse to combat malaria / Anti-doping chemistry / Enzyme engineering / Exploring the ‘sulfatome’ Current
Advanced Optical Spectroscopy / The mechanism of biological water splitting / Redox non-innocent first row transition metal complexes Current
Artificial biomaterials / Development and 3D printing of functional materials Current
Catalysts for chemical hydrogen / Electrochemical and photochemical activation / Designing cooperative transition metal catalysts Current
Domino Reactions / Step Economic Total Synthesis / Synthesising Designed Molecules Current
Investigation of photochemical mechanism of triazine-based photoinitiator / Development of materials from renewable resources for 3D printing / Development of functional additive for dental materials Current
Liquid organic hydrogen storage / Solar-powered catalysts / Multifunctional material / Chemistry, structure and property of high performance polar functional materials. Current
Magnesium and Calcium Hydride Catalysis / Low Oxidation State Aluminium Complexes / Main Group Radicals Current
Non-Classical Pincer Ligands for Catalytic Applications / Unusual Carbyne Complexes / Chains of Carbon Current
Spring-Loaded Electrophiles / Accessing Designer Peptides / Synthesis of Peptide Natural Products Current
Supramolecular chemistry / Catenanes / Combining coordination bond and hydrogen bond-mediated self-assembly / Hydrogen bonded organic frameworks Current
Synthesizing polymers / Development of electrochemical techniques in organic synthesis / Catalysing and controlling reactions with electric fields. Current