A full year of first-year chemistry at ANU is a prerequisite for all later year chemistry courses as well as for the majority of biology majors, including the Medical Science degree.

The minimum requirement for enrolment in first year chemistry at ANU is the completion of a major in chemistry in the ACT or Year 12 chemistry for other states and territories. Successful completion of the bridging course gives an opportunity to those students who have not met this requirement to still enrol in first year chemistry.

As well as being a prerequisite for many second and third year science courses first-year chemistry is also highly recommended for most other courses within the science degree.

One of the main reasons many students don’t want to continue with university chemistry is that they didn’t enjoy chemistry at high school or college. The bridging course at ANU allows chemistry to be taught in the university style (lectures and tutorials and laboratory sessions) which many students find beneficial for the teaching of chemistry.