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Projects Degree Supervisors
A deeper understanding of the most important organic reaction Honours and PhD
A method for tuning the temperature coefficient of capacitance of Bi-based pyrochlore dielectric ceramics PhD
A polymer brush designed to behave as a switch Honours and PhD
Ab initio quantum chemistry of crystals PhD
Accurate computational methods Honours and PhD
Alkynylselenolatoalklidynes and related unsaturated organoselenium ligands PhD
Antibiotic resistance at the molecular level: new targets for drug design PhD
Approximate ab initio quantum chemistry PhD
Artificial photosynthesis PhD
Carbon wires with metal-carbon multiple bonding PhD
Cell surface receptor PhD
Cell-free protein synthesis PhD
Chemical origin of nanoscale polar domains in PbZn1/3Nb2/3O3 PhD
Computer simulation of polyrotaxanes Honours
Construction of exact wave functions for model systems with more than one electron PhD
Controlled radical polymerisation Honours and PhD
Design of methods for bootstrapping from small basis sets to large ones PhD
Designer optical sensors: the molecular basis of learning PhD
Deterministic fluctuation theorem (FT) applied to glassy systems PhD
Developing new catalyst for efficient synthesis PhD
Development of new basis sets for quantum chemical calculations PhD
Development of new paradigms for the uniform electron gases PhD
Development of paramagnetic NMR as a new tool for drug discovery PhD
Drug design and protein engineering of a new class of enzymes PhD
Dynamic information from terahertz spectroscopy PhD