Physical Biochemistry of Disease

My research is concerned with the biophysical study of important biochemical processes related to disease states. The three topics of major study are,

(i.) Amyloid formation and its relationship to disease.
(ii.) The process of virus adsorption to the epithelial cell membrane.
(iii.) Protein diffusion in the cell cytosol and cell membrane.

Projects for students (visiting undergraduate scholars, M.Sc. or Ph.D. candidates) are available. Please email me to discuss available projects or alternatively you are welcome to suggest your own. If you are at the postdoctoral level and you would like to work together please write to me and we can discuss a number of fellowship options that I can help you apply for. My aim is to provide a good environment for scientists interested in performing basic research with the emphasis placed on understanding what you are doing.

Areas of expertise

  • Characterisation Of Biological Macromolecules030403
  • Nanochemistry And Supramolecular Chemistry030302
  • Medicinal And Biomolecular Chemistry

Researcher's projects

(1) In vitro and ex vivo characterization of amyloid associated with disease states.

(2) Single particle motion in the cell membrane.

(3) Computational analysis of ssRNA binding to proteins.

(4) Effect of macromolecular crowding on protein activity and behavior.

(5) Factors affecting virus adsorption to epithelial cell membranes