Research opportunities in materials science and applications

We have positions available for PhD students who are interested in the areas of nanomaterials science and applications.

Research projects

Work on design, synthesis and understanding of frontier two/mixed-dimensional nano-to-atomic materials and the based structures/frameworks with the applications development for:

  1. greenhouse gases to solar liquid fuels;
  2. water-splitting nanocells for solar H2 fuel;
  3. frontier materials for batteries;
  4. wearable devices for health prediction&diagnosis;
  5. advanced (opto)electronic devices;
  6. other possible research directions in which you already have a strong research background.

If you are interested in any of the above research projects, please contact Dr. Zongyou Yin at

Note: Due to many incoming applications, I am sorry that I might not be able to reply to every applicant. I might only contact the potential candidates for further interview. I appreciate your kind understanding.