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Projects Degree Supervisors
New synthetic strategies and methodologies PhD
New technologies for drug discovery Honours and PhD
Optical tweezers as a micro-rheological probe of fluid-fluid surfaces PhD
Organometallic complexes for nonlinear optics PhD
Our high performance CCD-based spectrograph PhD
Pi-delocalizable dendrimers PhD
Piston-rotaxane as a molecular shock absorber PhD
Primary acceptor and secondary donors in photosystem II PhD
Protein NMR spectroscopy PhD
Protein structure determinations PhD
Protein unfolding and aggregation PhD
Q-Chem 4.0 software package PhD
Relaxation mechanism of functional relaxors PhD
Research opportunities in computer-aided chemical design Bachelor, Honours and PhD
Research opportunities in materials science and applications Honours and PhD
Short range structural information from mass spectrometry and chemical crosslinking PhD
Small molecule activation PhD
Supramolecular chemistry and molecular recognition PhD
Synthesis, functionalisation and functional characterisation of “small” materials PhD
The chemistry of drugs in sport PhD
The influence of disorder on polymorphism in pharmaceuticals PhD
The production of ethanol PhD
Titanium oxide films for solar energy capture PhD
Total synthesis of biologically active natural products and analogues PhD
Understanding the dynamic nature of enzyme function PhD