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Projects Degree Supervisors
Early transition metal poly(methimazolyl)borate complexes PhD
Efficient total synthesis of medicinally-important natural products Honours and PhD
Enzyme engineering with an organophosphate degrading enzyme PhD
Experimental demonstration of fluctuation theorems in viscoelastic media PhD
Exploitation of cis-1,2-dihydrocatechol derivatives as starting materials for chemical synthesis PhD
Fascinating new hydrocarbon structures Honours and PhD
Free radical chemistry Honours and PhD
Free radical reactions of amino acids, peptides and proteins PhD
Functional organic molecular materials PhD
High internal phase emulsions (SANS and USANS analysis) PhD
High internal phase emulsions - reactions to stress PhD
High performance RF/microwave dielectric electroceramics PhD
High-nuclearity clusters PhD
Host-guest chemistry Honours and PhD
Hydrogen abstraction in X + CH4 PhD
Improving protein solubility PhD
Intracules, conjectures and the correlation problem PhD
Lanthanide-labelling of proteins PhD
Lead-free ferro/piezo-electric materials and films for sensor applications PhD
Long range information from electron paramagnetic resonance PhD
Measuring small forces using optics Honours
Medium range information from paramagnetic NMR PhD
Metal-metal bonding PhD
Mixed metal clusters PhD
Models for thiophene hydrodesulfurisation PhD