Project name Group
"Just-add-water" nucleic acid amplification Sustainable Biocatalysis & Molecular Diagnostics
1. Solar Fuels Materials Science and Applications
2. Batteries Materials Science and Applications
3. Wearables Materials Science and Applications
3D printing functional objects Synthetic Polymer Chemistry
4. Electronics Materials Science and Applications
5. Optoelectronics Materials Science and Applications
Adapting Computational Chemistry to Practical Reactions Computer-aided chemical design
Anion-templated framework materials Supramolecular chemistry
Anion-templated self–assembly Supramolecular chemistry
Antibiotic resistance and bacterial efflux pumps Biomolecular simulation and dynamics
Antifreeze proteins and glycoproteins Medicinal and biological chemistry
Assessing potential inhibitors against the NS2B-NS3 dengue virus protease Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy
Battery storage: dual-ion batteries Materials and New Technologies for Battery Storage
Battery storage: sodium-ion and potassium-ion batteries Materials and New Technologies for Battery Storage
Biocatalysis for sustainable chemical processes Sustainable Biocatalysis & Molecular Diagnostics
Capacitive (hybrid) energy storage: sodium-ion and potassium-ion capacitors Materials and New Technologies for Battery Storage
Characterising the effects of detergents on protein conformation Biomolecular simulation and dynamics
Chemoselective ligation tools for the synthesis of proteins and antibody-drug conjugates Organic synthesis and chemical biology
Colour changing camouflage polymers Synthetic Polymer Chemistry
Controlling molecular weight and architecture in free-radical polymerization Computer-aided chemical design
Controlling stereochemistry in free-radical polymerization Computer-aided chemical design
Current Areas of Research Computer-aided chemical design
Current Research Activities Synthesis
Developing electrostatic catalysis for polymerization and synthesis Computer-aided chemical design
Development of Blue-Light-Sensitive Photoinaddimers for Dental Materials Photophysical Chemistry of Materials
Development of novel anion recognition motifs Supramolecular chemistry
Discovering inhibitors against the penicillin-degrading enzyme IMP-1 Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy
DNA biosensors Sustainable Biocatalysis & Molecular Diagnostics
Dynamic information from sparse experimental datasets Biomolecular simulation and dynamics
Enzyme inspired catalysts Synthetic Polymer Chemistry
Evolving esterases and other hydrolytic enzymes for increased stability and activity. Protein crystallography & engineering
Evolving hemoglobins - enhanced growth of under conditions of limited oxygen Protein crystallography & engineering
Excitons, Trions and Biexcitons Mathematical & Theoretical Chemistry
Functional interlocked structures Supramolecular chemistry
Generalization of the Local Density Approximation Theoretical quantum chemistry
High throughput screening of dehydrogenases: applications for biotechnology Protein crystallography & engineering
High-nuclearity clusters Organometallic chemistry & molecular materials
In Dirac's Footsteps... Mathematical & Theoretical Chemistry
Linking quantum chemistry and chemical reactivity Computer-aided chemical design
Microrheology using Optical Tweezers Polymers & soft condensed matter
Mixed metal clusters Organometallic chemistry & molecular materials
Mixed ramp-gaussian basis sets Theoretical quantum chemistry
Molecular switches Organometallic chemistry & molecular materials
Multi-dimensional NMR spectroscopy Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy
Naturally Derived Photoinitiators for Biocompatible 3D Printing Photophysical Chemistry of Materials
Non-equilibrium sampling in force spectroscopy of soft systems. Polymers & soft condensed matter
Novel Water-Soluble Photoinitiators and their Interaction with Lewis Acids Photophysical Chemistry of Materials
Overhauser Instability Theorem Mathematical & Theoretical Chemistry
Pi-delocalizable oligomers and dendrimers Organometallic chemistry & molecular materials
Polymer Degradation and Stabilization Computer-aided chemical design
Post-synthetic modification of supramolecular assemblies
Quantum rings Mathematical & Theoretical Chemistry
Self-healing materials Synthetic Polymer Chemistry
Single-determinant methods for electronic excited states Theoretical quantum chemistry
Statistical Thermodynamics of Rotaxanes Polymers & soft condensed matter
Strategies for the late-stage modification of peptides and proteins Organic synthesis and chemical biology
Supramolecular self-assembly of main group element cages
Synthetic approaches to peptide drug design Organic synthesis and chemical biology
Synthetic organic methodology and reagent development Organic synthesis and chemical biology
The role of cholesterol and lipid composition in drug / membrane interactions Biomolecular simulation and dynamics
Thermally reversible self-healing polymers Computer-aided chemical design
Transition metal cluster chemistry Organometallic chemistry & molecular materials
Understanding enzyme catalysis Computer-aided chemical design
Understanding the role of multidrug transporter in chemotherapy resistant cancer Biomolecular simulation and dynamics

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