Welcome to the Research School of Chemistry (RSC) website. In browsing it, I hope that you learn about the internationally recognised, cutting-edge research carried out in the School, along with the vibrant undergraduate chemistry teaching program that we offer.

Chemistry impinges on almost every scientific discipline from biology through physics to astronomy. Accordingly, mastery of Chemistry is crucial to developments in almost all aspects of science. Currently, the RSC accommodates more than twenty leading researchers, most of whom are involved in our undergraduate teaching program while also supervising postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows/researchers who undertake research in their chosen areas of Chemistry, much of it inter-disciplinary in nature. The research-intensive nature of our undergraduate curriculum allows students to interact with academic staff and their research groups at an early stage in their degree program, thus enabling them to get a strong sense of how to conduct research.

The diversity of the research interests of our staff will allow you to explore and contribute to one or more of the many fascinating and fundamental challenges are being addressed within the RSC, including:

  • understanding the chemistry of living systems in detail, from small through to large (e.g. protein) molecules
  • understanding and controlling how molecules react – over all time scales and the full range of molecular size
  • designing and synthesising new substances, materials and molecular devices with properties that can be predicted, tailored and tuned before production
  • developing unlimited and inexpensive energy (with new ways of energy generation, storage and transportation) to pave the way to a truly sustainable future
  • developing medicines and therapies to cure currently untreatable diseases
  • designing and developing self-optimising chemical systems
  • developing self-assembly as a useful approach to the synthesis and manufacturing of complex systems and materials
  • synthesising any new substance that can have scientific or practical interest, using compact synthetic schemes and processes with high selectivity for the desired product, and with low energy consumption and benign environmental effects in the process.

From late 2013, the RSC has been housed in new, state-of-the-art buildings for research and teaching. With the first-class infrastructure, instrumentation and technical support provided to all chemists at the ANU, the RSC offers the very best environment for studying Chemistry in all its remarkable forms.

Professor John A. Carver
Director, Research School of Chemistry