Event series

Event series in RSC School.

Conversations Across the Creek »

Conversations Across the Creek is an initiative by the Humanities Research Centre (HRC) and the Research School of Chemistry (RSC) to provide a space for continuing dialogue among scientists, social scientists, and humanities scholars.

HDR Student Seminars »

Please contact the RSC HDR Coordinator if you have any inquiries about upcoming HDR Seminars.

RSC Divisional Seminar Series »

If you wish to attend the Research School of Chemistry to give a Divisional Seminar, please contact RSC Admin.

RSC HDR Seminars »

HDR Committee presents the HDR Seminar Series

RSC Seminar Series »

Please contact RSC Admin if you have any enquiries about the RSC Seminar Series.

RSC Social Club »

ALL staff and students are welcome and encouraged to come along.

RSC Teaching Calendar »

Important dates to take note of in the RSC teaching calendar.

School Forum »

This Forum will provide an informative (summarised) overview of the school’s activities, with special guests to join us on various occasions.