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Environmental Sustainability Research Grants

ANU is unique in Australia in connecting researchers across all fields to work together on the big environmental challenges and opportunities facing contemporary society.


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Shehana Samaraweera
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Development manager
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Vanessa Vongsouthi (front) and Rosemary Georgelin (back) working at the lab bench at the Research School of Chemistry at the Australian National university.

At ANU, I'm using enzymes to break down and recycle plastic really quickly in a way that's industrially scalable. I am hoping this research and my work with Samsara Eco will have a positive impact on environmental sustainability.

When I was an Honours student, my scholarship gave me $5,000 for living expenses – a small amount for some, but it was a big deal for a student and eased the burden of my cost of living. Later, it was only a scholarship offer that made it possible for me to study my PhD at ANU.

“What’s done in a lab can change lives all around the world.”

PhD students struggle to find the balance they need to do their important – and sometimes risky – work. Me and my fellow students can stay in our labs until midnight every day, so a scholarship makes it possible to live and study.

When you give, we achieve things we otherwise cannot. Students are already making incredible things possible, but there is still so much to do and discover.