Bachelor degrees & honours

The Research School of Chemistry is responsible for offering undergraduate courses in chemistry at ANU. The School boasts state of the art facilities and instruments, as well as globally recognised Lecturers. Studying chemistry at ANU will prepare you for any field-related career development.

ANU 360 Chemistry Tour from Science at ANU on Vimeo.

Bachelor of Science »

A Bachelor of Science is the most common degree taken by our undergraduate students. It is a flexible degree that provides a strong scientific base for students who want to gain further training on the job or study towards a higher degree in a specialised area. Students start their first year with a range of science subjects and can choose to specialise further in later years.

Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) »

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) or PhB is a unique program that allows intellectually ambitious students to explore their interests, develop their research skills and be mentored by leading academics, while enjoying the camaraderie of a group of like-minded and social students.

Bachelor of Science (Advanced)(Honours) »

The Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours), also a four year degree, offers direct entry into advanced science courses from day one. Students will select from a wide range of Honours pathway courses and, subject to maintaining academic standards, will be given Honours places in their fourth year of study.

Honours in Chemistry »

Your Honours year can be the most exciting, intense, challenging and transformative period of your scientific career. Honours takes you from the knowledge gained in coursework into the uncertain and unknown (but exciting) world characteristic of a research environment.