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Ms Ibidolapo Adekoya PhD Candidate
Mrs Nilanthi Adikari PhD Candidate
Ramon Aich Honours Student
Mrs Heather Aitken PhD Candidate
Mrs Madushani Amarasiri PhD Candidate
Ms Sabu Anagha PhD Candidate
Ms Wendy Sarah Andrews PhD Candidate
Mr James Antoney PhD Candidate
Mr Riley Attard Honours Student
Ms Rosie Avery PhD Candidate
Mr Harrison Barnett PhD Candidate
Mr Luke Bavin Honours Student
Hayden Bell Honours Student
Ms Chloe Bell Honours Student
Miss Ayana Bhaskaran PhD Candidate
Mr Curtis Blake Honours Student
Mr Mitchell Blyth PhD Candidate
  • +61 2 6125 4039
Ms Hannah Bollard PhD Candidate
Ms Hannah Bott Honours Student
Mr Michael Brennan Honours Student
Mr Thomas Brereton PhD Candidate
  • +61 4 17784464
Mr Liam Burt PhD Candidate
Ms Chiara Cementon 3060 Student
Mr Alden Christley-Balcomb PhD Candidate
Mr Zeke Coady Honours Student
Duncan Cullen Honours Student
Duncan Cullen Honours Student
Ms Andie Delaney Honours Student
Mr Daniel Dewar Student
Mr Richard (Dick) Dexter MPhil Candidate