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Ms Ibidolapo Adekoya PhD Student
Mrs Nilanthi Adikari PhD Candidate
Ms Shahana Afroze PhD Candidate
Ms Fathimath Hafna Ahmed PhD Candidate
  • +61 2 61258325
Mrs Heather Aitken PhD Student
Ms Ana Alfaro PhD Student
Mrs Madushani Amarasiri PhD Student
Mr Thomas Enrique Anglim Lagones Honours Student
James Antoney PhD Student
Ms Rosie Avery
Sam Backwell Honours Student
Mrs Elmira Bahraminejad PhD Student
Mr Alireza Bahramzadeh PhD Student
  • 0261254391
Mr Caleb Ball PhD Candidate
Mr Giuseppe Barca
Mr Harrison Barnett PhD Student
Miss Ayana Bhaskaran
Mr Thomas Brereton PhD Candidate
  • +61 4 17784464
Mr Joshua Buckler PhD Candidate
Ms Sarah Campbell Honours Student
Ms Sarah Campbell Hon
Mr Aymeric Cervi PhD Candidate
  • +61 2 61256974
Mr Supanimit Chiampanichayakul PhD Candidate
  • +61 2 61258292
Mr Michael Clark
Mr Benjamin Clifton PhD Candidate
Mr Galen Correy PhD Candidate
Ms Tuong Vy Cu PhD Candidate
Mr Nicholas den Houting Occupational Trainee
Mr Richard (Dick) Dexter MPhil Candidate
Miss Iresha Dilhani Herath