Mr Andy Pranata

PhD Candidate

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I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1993 as the second son in the family. I finished high school in Jakarta and moved to Canberra, Australia in 2011 to join my older brother and start a degree at the Australian National University. I received a Bachelor of Science degree with chemistry major and earth science minor in 2015. Since then, my research journey in chemistry began. I completed an Honours year, followed by Master of Philosophy degree in 2018. To further improve my research skills, I am studying a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

I have been doing all my research in the anti-doping and medicinal chemistry group under the supervision of Associate Professor Malcolm McLeod. My earlier project involved unearthing neglected class of steroid metabolites, which opened new avenues in mass spectrometry technique in sports drug testing and medical research. The current ongoing project is to improve the detection of designer steroids in racing greyhounds to ensure a clean and fair competition.

These projects really expand my knowledge not only in organic synthesis but also analytical chemistry, skills which I get to apply and share with new students as an undergraduate demonstrator. For fun, I enjoy cooking and baking and will soon have perfected my fried chicken recipe.